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Simple Shakshuka Recipe

This dish reminds me of childhood. I love the heavenly sound of the tomatoes getting fried, and I visualize my sweet grandmother making this dish for 8 people in one large pan. This was a tradition on every weekend family brunch. Traditionally, the main characters in this dish are eggs…


Red Curry Pineapple Chicken

This heartwarming recipe of red Thai curry with pineapple and cashew is much easier than it looks! Actually, also pretty quick to make. You’ll need around 45 minutes to get it on the table. Fun fact about this, the inspiration actually came from a restaurant in Shanghai called In &…


Must Try Restaurants Barcelona!

I bet you know the struggle of having to restrict yourself when it comes to choosing from that menu because everything sounds soooo freaking good – This post will get you in even deeper trouble. Barcelona is packed with great dining experiences that won’t leave your memory any time soon.…


Hello There

I’m Happy You Are Here! At Talia’s Table, food is the center of attention. Whether it is home-cooked goodies or mesmerizing restaurant visits. The purpose of this blog is to honor good food in any shape and to share every bite that fosters happiness within me. Whenever food has made…


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